We are looking for new talent to join our awesome team

We are building a friendly AI that helps you to defend yourself against cyber attacks.

Join our team

Some of many reasons to fight the good fight

  • Great co-workers!
  • Learn new things at light speed
  • Build AI backed games for enterprises
  • Our employees own the company
  • Weekly demo- and breakfast sessions
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation
  • Extensive Health Care
  • Sauna at the office
  • Be in one of the fastest growing startups in Europe

Our core values

Our customers come first

Great companies are built on happy customers and great customer relationships. We enable customers to succeed, even if at our own loss.

We are transparent

We are transparent on everything that is ours share. Flat organization and sharing data and knowledge is paramount to us.

We respect others

We can operate as a united team and respect others. To iterate rapidly you need lots of different opinions and point of views. Only this way we can find and experiment the optimum solution.

We are data driven

You won't hear reasoning such as "Because we have always done it this way". We learn by creating tests, validating and executing based on the facts. The faster we can iterate the faster we learn.

We take risks

You have earned trust since day 1. We trust that you and your team make the best decisions, failing fast is better than not failing at all. It only means you took risks and learned from taking them.

We aim for high impact

We aim for the 10x and 100x and then execute and help others execute relentlessly.


HoxHunt at Slush 2016 Pitching Stage